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Empower Students


About Future Move

Future Move is the perfect bridge between students and the professional world. Our mission is to provide modified, appropriate, yet engaging placements in local businesses, both long and short term. We strive to provide high-quality placements that are beneficial to both the students and the businesses. Make sure to take advantage of all the resources Future Move has to offer! 

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Jessica Thomas

Future Move Founder

"Students have amazing skills, they just need someone to assist them in cracking that door open for them.. I can open those doors."

A fun, exciting experience that they have been empowered to choose with encouragement from the school. The ability to work with professionals who share their same passion around a similar profession. The opportunity to get out of the classroom and the autonomy to explore this experience on their own.

Schools want a job internship program that provides students with meaningful opportunities to engage with employers and build connections. They want a program that doesn't require constant management and doesn't require too much interruption of the traditional school schedule. Schools want to provide students with a value-added experience that they can take with them beyond the internship program, while also ensuring that the conversation and experience reflects the values of the local community.

Internships allow students to earn college credit while making community relationships that they might subsequently use as resources, and on their resumes. We have seen an increased graduation rate as a result of students seeing the link between high school and their newly discovered future career objective. 


What Do Students Want?

What Do Schools Want?

What Does Success Look Like?


 What Happy

I’ve really been enjoying learning new techniques that will help me startmy career. I’ve been taking classes at school but so far, this internship hasbeen the most helpful. I’ve had a lot of fun here too. Before my internship Iwasn’t sure if engineering was my thing, but now I realize I really enjoy thiswork a lot more than I thought


Internship: UO Electrical Engineering Services

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